The Self-Suggestion Kit
Use SELF-SUGGESTION to Manifest ANYTHING in Your Life!

SELF-SUGGESTIONS are positive affirmations that influence your mind.

They’re POWERFUL and they WORK.

By listening to empowering messages for just a few minutes each day, you’ll quickly begin to reprogram your mind – and enjoy positive new behaviours in JUST DAYS.

It’s the secret behind The Secret: By changing your mindset, you’ll naturally begin attracting the greatest results in your life.

Outstanding abundance. Heightened self-esteem and confidence. Shameless optimism. All-natural energy and enthusiasm for life. Excellent health. Powerful meditation. Sparkling relationships. Deeper sleep. Greater relaxation.

You’ll also be able to ditch depression, and let go of long-standing fears – for good.

All by discovering Self-Suggestion.

Discover the SECRET SCIENCE of "Programmed Rehearsel"

For years, behavioural psychologists have known about Self-Suggestion.

It’s the science of repeating positive affirmations enough, so they actually "sink into" the brain – and become part of your actual personality. It's what psychologists called "Programmed Rehearsal" and doctors call "Autosuggestion."

Self-Suggestion is proven by science: Brain research has shown that it takes ONE MONTH of affirmation repetition for new attitudes and behaviours to "INSTALL" automatically into the mind. You might have heard that fact before. And this process of changing your mental attitude is critical to manifesting everything you desire in your life.

NOW, for the first time ever, self-development guru Bradley Thompson has put together a powerful program containing over THRTY powerful Self-Suggestion AUDIO SESSIONS – which "install" those behaviours for you, automatically. Covering everything from confidence to energy levels to relationships - and more.


Each 15-minute audio session contains HUNDREDS of positive, empowering affirmations - designed to help "rewire" your thinking, change your behaviour, and manifest just what YOU want in life.

This is "NEW SOFTWARE" for your BRAIN.

With each 15-minute session, you'll be guided into a light trance, and fed hundreds of positive affirmations to change your self-image - and ultimately change your life, QUICKLY.

All YOU have to do is listen to your specific session, once or twice a day. You can listen to up to five sessions during any one period.

With Self-Suggestion, you WILL begin noticing BIG CHANGES– starting within ONE WEEK.

1. Started noticing a big difference within the first few days. Awesome, the change seems to come from the inside. Suddenly, I'm more confident, happier, empowered, I feel healthier, and so much more. Just amazed, THANK YOU!!!”

— Mike C. Robinson, mcr******, TX 77338
Exploer Over THIRTY Powerful Self-Suggestion Sessions!

Would YOU like to discover the world of Self-Suggestion?

Self-help leader Bradley Thompson has pieced together over 30 professionally-created Self-Suggestion audio sessions to change your life – in record-time.

These are your own personal AFFIRMATION SESSIONS, designed to CHANGE your LIFE.

And he calls this program collection: The Self-Suggestion Kit.

Here are the exciting 15-minute, Self-Suggestion sessions you’ll find inside the digital download, and the kind of benefits they’ll bring you:


ABUNDANCE - Enjoying Abundance in Your Life

Enjoy an abundant, prosperous lifestyle - with the suggestions inside this relaxing session.

BREATHING - Deep Power Breaths

Tap into the many, life-rewarding benefits of deep, power breaths - with this guided session.

CONFIDENCE - Be Brave & Assertive

Allow powerful self-suggestion to boost your confidence and assertiveness - with this great audio.

CONFIDENCE - Perfect Self-Image

Repair your perfect self-image using positive affirmations - with this self-suggestion session.

CONFIDENCE - Rocket Your Self-Esteem

Tune into greater self-esteem and happiness - simply by listening to this relaxing session.

CREATIVITY - Creative Supercharge

Suggest yourself to becoming a more creative, innovative individual. Incorporating binaural beats.

DEPRESSION - A Shot of Shameless Optimism

Allow your mind to absorb powerful, positive, optimistic affirmations - with this refreshing session.

DEPRESSION - Overcoming Dull Depression

Rescue yourself from dull-minded, overwhelming depression - with the help of this liberating audio.

ENERGY - Quick Brain Refresher - Binaurals Only

Feel fresh, invigorated, alive, and like a brand new person - after listening to this binaural audio.

ENERGY - The Big Energy Boost

Need to tap into your massive, hidden reserves of energy? This is the ultimate session. With binaurals.

ENERGY - Wake Up, It's a Beautiful Morning

The ideal way to start your day - this refreshing program leaves you feeling energized and full of life!

FEARS - Fade Out Fears

A truly relaxing session, programming your mind to become more empowered and eliminate fear. 

FEARS - Panic Attack Calm-Down

Suffering from a panic attack? This relaxation session will enable you to calm, release and stabilize.

HEALTH - Enjoy Great Health

Designed to strengthen your health and build your immune system, this session combines suggestions, binaurals and an OM chorus.

HEALTH - Long-Term Pain Relief

Enjoy long-lasting pain relief through self-suggestion, with this session. Contains embedded binaural beats.

HEALTH - White Healing Energy

Allow the white healing light to energize, purify and cleanse your body - all inside this session.

MEDITATION - Deep Inner-Dive Meditation

Take a deep, deep dive inside yourself, and tap into mid-range Delta levels. Relaxing, binaural session.

PERFORMANCE - Achieve Your Goals

Program your mind before work, every day - and ensure you're raring to achieve! Includes binaurals.

PERFORMANCE - Awesome Concentration Skills

Rocket your concentration levels and improve mental acuity - with this session, containing binaurals.

PERFORMANCE - Operate At Your Peak Performance

Self-suggest your way to operating at peak performance, 24/7 - with this binaural beats session.

PERFORMANCE - Warm Up Before The Big Thing

That big speech is about to start. Get yourself in-tune with greatness - thanks to this powerful self-suggestion session!

RELATIONSHIPS - Boost Your Social Circle

Need to rocket your local friendships? Enjoy greater social success - with this binaural beats session!

RELATIONSHIPS - Embrace Family & Friends

Having trouble embracing, accepting, loving your close ones? Self-suggest your way to friends and family bliss!

RELATIONSHIPS - Find Forgiveness

Become a more peaceful, forgiving individual - with the positive, loving suggestions inside this session.

RELAXATION - Progressive Relaxation

Slowly step through four levels of deep relaxation, letting go of everything - coming out feeling refreshed and relaxed. With binaurals.

RELAXATION - Reduce Stress

Allow your stress to melt away like a quick-burning candle - with the powerful suggestions in this audio.

RELAXATION - Fifteen Minute Siesta

Every day needs a little time-out! Relax, de-stress and re-energize your mind. Includes binaurals.

SLEEP - Deep Sleep - No Suggestions

This ultra-relaxing, binaural-only session will gently take you into a deep, invigorating sleep. See you in the morning! Do not put on loop.

SLEEP - Get Back to Sleep After Waking Up - No Suggestions

Woken up mid-way during your sleep? Let this white-noise session help you nod off once again.

ADDICTION RELIEF - Four Part Program

A powerful, four-part program - including one main session - for letting go of addictions in your life. Listen at least once in order, then as needed. Listen to Session 2 again to reinforce the main benefits.

WEIGHT LOSS - Four Part Program

A wonder-results program for the ultimate in weight loss - incorporating one main session. Listen to all four sessions in order at least once, and as needed thereafter. Listen to Session 2 again to reinforce the main benefits.

You can listen to a mixed sample of our Self-Suggestion sessions by clicking here.

Access to these sessions come is delivered via email immediately after purchase. Each session lasts for exactly 15 minutes. Just listen, relax - and change!

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1. Autosuggestion is one of the quickest methods of changing your self-image, and your life in general. With the
Self-Suggestion Kit, you get everything you need to reprogram your mind - quickly and easily.”

— Michael Masterman, author of The Genius Mindset

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CHANGE what you think – and CHANGE your life!

By using Self-Suggestion, you can dramatically alter your thinking patterns – and begin to see your first powerful, all-natural results within a week.

And in just a month, you will have FULLY ACHIEVED your goals with that session. Permanent, lasting, positive change – all thanks to Self-Suggestion.

But if you order in , you’ll receive even MORE.

In thanks for your order, we’re giving all customers ordering during the following special bonuses:

Your Guide to Self-Suggestion

FREE Copy of “Your Guide to Self-Suggestion”

Let Bradley Thompson tell you more about the science behind Self-Suggestion, and how you can make maximum use of the 30+ sessions on this digital download.
Your Guide to Self-Suggestion

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Your Guide to Self-Suggestion

100% No-Questions-Asked MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

If you're not absolutely THRILLED with the results you experience with The Self-Suggestion Kit, just contact us to let us know within a month. We'll refund EVERYTHING you paid. This guarantee is backed by the Self Development Network.

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1. Love the siesta session, really helps liven up my day. Since purchasing, I've experienced much more energy and my thinking is way more positive. I've used the sessions to manifest a new car and huge bonus already. Loving this.”

— Carl Reese, ********, NC 28202

Self-Suggestion is the QUICKEST METHOD of changing your life.

It allows you to install positive, new "programs" directly into your mind.

It’s all based on the science of "Programmed Rehearsal" and "Autosuggestion" – and built on many of the same mind programming principles as NLP, hypnosis, belief, and subliminals.

Just listen to these relaxing audio sessions – allowing the POSITIVE, EMPOWERING AFFIRMATIONS to install into your mind - and you’ll begin seeing results WITHIN A WEEK.

Whether you want greater confidence, weight loss, energy, health, relaxation or creativity - these Self-Suggestion audio sessions can help!

LET'S RECAP what you'll receive when you order today:


Over THIRTY Self-Suggestion Sessions!

You’ll receive digital access to Bradley Thompson’s collection of over thirty Self-Suggestion sessions. Listen on any computer, or device from anywhere! Change your life in DAYS – just by listening to these POWERFUL audio sessions!

FREE BONUS! “Your Guide to Self-Suggestion” by Bradley Thompson

Let this self-help leader show you how to take full advantage of Self-Suggestion for rapid inner-change

FREE BONUS! "The Secret Art of
Self-Development" - Book AND Audio!

Discover the ultimate self-help treat from Karl Moore. You get access to the book and audio version too. Worth over $35!


We promise you'll be thrilled with The Self-Suggestion Kit. If you're not, return within a month for a full refund.
Your Guide to Self-Suggestion


Place your order TODAY, by clicking on the link below. Remember that this is the ONLY OFFICIAL Self-Suggestion website. Take advantage NOW, while you still can.

YOU could be feeling the awesome effects of your very own "AFFIRMATION SESSIONS" - within JUST DAYS from now. All by deciding to try out The Self-Suggestion Kit, RISK-FREE.

Click NOW to claim your copy of The Self-Suggestion Kit:

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